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How It Works....

Know More About SMS Call Pro here... How It Works

Send your message or schedule it for a future date

Create voice campaign - Send voice reminder and IVR response campagins to your customers

Customize your messages to have up to 1600 characters per campaign

The Features You'll Love

Alert your customers, clients or team about schedule changes, meetings, cancellations, emergencies, special offers, and more!

  • Send personalized messages whenever you want.

  • Choose to send your message immediately or schedule to send at a later date.

  • Send customized Voice call broadcast to a list of contacts.

  • Use IVR responses in your voice call for your business survey campaign .

  • Easily import your existing contacts.

  • Use our Mail Merge feature to personalize your message to your customers or send 1000s at a time.

  • Buy your own dedicated number with us and get more personalized identity .

SMS Call Pro allows you to

Communicate easily with your groups, contacts, clients, members, etc.

Build a loyal following for your business using our features.

Customized Bulk SMS

  • Customize your bulk SMS campaigns with Sms Call Pro. We allow our customers to send out customized text up to 1600 characters per Bulk message.

  • School teams can send schedules, cancellations and more to players and parents.

  • Connect to 1000's of your customers, family members & friends with few clicks by using our bulk SMS feature.

  • Teachers can send students and parents daily homework. Text To Speech - Send out schedules, Cancel practices, Rain Delays etc.

Voice Features

  • Customized voice call campaigns
    Customized IVR calls
    Voice reminders
    Meeting reminders with Personalized voice calls

Schedule Your Way

  • Appointment reminders.
    Voice calls.
    Event Promotions .

You are one step away from using a service that will immediately improve your communication and get you connected.

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Plans & Prices

One credit means a single SMS & a single Voice call. To Know about Our Plans and Prices read below

Text credits

  • 1-499 credits = .10 cents per text.
    500-999 credits = .09 cents per text.
    1000-1499 credits = .08 cents per text.
    1500-1999 credits = .07 cents per text.
    Buy 2000 and more credits we will provide you customized plans

Automated Calls

  • 1-499 Minutes = .10 cents per minute.
    500-999 Minutes = .09 cents per minute.
    1000-1499 Minutes = .08 cents per minute.
    1500-1999 Minutes = .07 cents per minute .
    Buy 2000 and more minutes we will provide you customized plans

  • You can own your dedicated number in a very effective price of $2/month with SMSCallPro. After buying a dedicated number you can send your own voice calls with your number identity.


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